Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a professional wedding photographer?  
If having good quality photos of your wedding day is important to you then having a professional photographer should be an easy decision.  A professional photographer will have the best camera equipment and artisitic creativity to capture amazing photos, the experience to handle the pressure of photographing a wedding, and will be dedicated to photographing everything you've arranged for your special day.  Along with videography, it's the one thing you'll have to remember the day in years to come.  Do you really want to rely on your guests to capture that key defining moment of your wedding day on their phone?  Me neither!

Why choose Leon Day Images? 
I have been shooting weddings since 2016 and have covered hundreds all over the country and Europe.  I am passionate, committed, fun to work with and love my job.  

What’s your style?  
I have a relaxed, unobtrusive way of documenting the day that allows events to unfold naturally.  When required, I am able to organize large groups with minimal fuss so that the shots are captured quickly and in a fun way.  With the couple shots I keep them relaxed and enjoyable so the time you spend together doing them becomes a cherished part of the day.  With all my years of experience I can also bring some calm to proceedings!

How do we book you?
A simple call or email to make contact and check if that all important date is available.  If so, then we're good to go!  It's always a good idea for us to meet so that we can talk further about your plans and get to know each other a little bit.  It's a very important day for you both so you want to be sure you're happy with your photographer and how they will be with you and your guests on the day.  If you are not able to visit (e.g living overseas) then we can always have a chat over Skype/Face Time.  Once you're happy to proceed then a deposit can be made to secure your date with me.

Do you do albums?
No.  I only offer USB's now as my time is too limited to be able sit down and create albums any more. 

How many images do we get?
I normally deliver around 500-700 images for a full day's coverage. 

How soon can we get the photos after the wedding?
Approximately 2-4 weeks depending on my schedule.
Are you insured?
Yes.  I am insured with Public Liability up to £1,000,000.

How far do you travel to cover a wedding?  
I am happy to travel to any destination to cover a wedding.  All I ask is that my travel (and accommodation if required) is paid for.  Anything within a 50 mile radius is included in the total price.

Do we have copyright to the images?
No.  Copyright is retained by Leon Day Images.  If you purchase a USB of the images you are free to buy your own prints, send them to friends/family and use them on social media.  You are not permitted to sell the images for your own profit.

Can friends and family view/buy the pictures online?
Yes.  Guests can purchase images directly from the website as prints, canvases, framed images, acrylic prints and more.  All images are in a private area of the website and only visible using the URL link I send you and whoever you share it with.

Do you do engagement shoots?  
Yes.  Shoots are available for £150 for an hour session and are a great way of breaking the ice and getting some amazing shots that you can use for your invites or put up at home.

Are the pictures backed up?
Yes.  Multiple backups are made when I get home.  I have every picture of every wedding I've ever done safely backed up.  If you happen to lose your photos I will still have them safe and sound.

What camera equipment do you use?
I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 7D.  I use Canon lenses which are EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, EF 70-200mm L lens and a 17-40mm L lens.  I have a variety of other equipment such as flashguns, soft box, reflectors etc to get that special look.

What if you’re sick on the day?
It is a possibility, we're only human after all, but it has never happened yet.  Should I fall ill I would still make every effort to attend (without the risk of spreading my germs everywhere of course!).  If that were not possible then I have a network of photographers I can call on at short notice to cover for me, all of which are seasoned professionals.

What if it rains on our wedding day?
I always try to visit the wedding venue to plan the shots and have a Plan B if it rains on the day.  It's very rare for it to rain the entire day so we will be able to get some outdoor shots but if that is not possible then I have the appropriate lighting equipment to set up indoors to get the shots we need.  No doubt you will have chosen somewhere scenic for your day so we can make use of the surroundings.

Do you have a second photographer?  
I normally shoot a wedding comfortably on my own but if you require a second photographer I can provide one.  I would recommend this for weddings with 150+ guests and/or if you are getting ready in different locations and I am unable to get to both for the preparation shots.