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Photographing a big fat gypsy wedding

April 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A few weeks ago I unknowingly covered a gypsy wedding which was booked through a company I work for sometimes.  As I only get emailed the details of the bride and groom I don't get to meet them personally until the wedding day itself.  I'm unable to share the photos from that wedding due to copyright but I can tell you a bit about it and the first gypsy wedding it reminded me of which I did back in 2006 when I was starting out.

Gypsy weddings are like no other weddings.  All forms of convention go out the window.  It's done their way and all the suppliers involved do their best to accommodate this.  With the recent one I did the bride wasn't at the hotel when I arrived for the preparation shots so I didn't see her or the groom until they casually turned up at the church where the ceremony started an hour late.  Luckily the church didn't have any other weddings that day, I don't know what would've happened if they did.

Here's some of the pictures from the 2006 wedding that I did which had some funny moments....

Guests' dress sense is certainly a bit different and quite relaxed in some cases (jeans, trainers, shirts untucked etc.) and the brides go for huge crowns and dresses.  I asked about it and the reason for the oversized wedding dresses is that each layer represents the generations of families who have married previously.  I'm not sure what happens in 100 years time, the bride then won't be able to walk!

A typical pose for the young boys throughout the day -

The best moment came as the bride walked up the aisle with her dad and her bridesmaids behind her.  From my angle the groom is watching her walk up but as she passes him it's apparent he is checking out the bridesmaids in their revealing short skirts.  This goes unnoticed by the bride but not by her dad.  The look he shoots at him is priceless!

This earns him a gentle right hook during the confetti throw afterwards.  I watched him bubbling throughout the ceremony and felt something might happen.  I'd say it was just above playful, enough to say 'I saw you and I will be watching'!


Have you had any experience with gypsy weddings?  Think you could photograph one?!  Leave your comments below!


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